Useful Links

Is a government site where you can complete a free company search by entering in a company’s name or ABN/ACN to ascertain whether they are a registered company and their details.

Is a government site where you can find out information regarding personal and business tax. Various tax calculators and tax return information can be found on the site.

Is a legal database that contains Australian legislation, case law and commentary for public access.

Is a government site containing information on starting and running a business. The site has some useful fact sheets and forms which are downloadable.

Is designed to support separated parents to transfer money for the benefit of their children. This is not to be confused with the Legal Aid Child Support Legal Unit, which offer services in relation to disputes about payments or with the Child Support Agency.

Is responsible for those in need; including people with disabilities, their carers, young people and people from culturally diverse backgrounds.

Is responsible for protecting and caring for children and focuses on meeting the needs of vulnerable families and children.

Deals with serious criminal offences with a maximum penalty of 20 years imprisonment. It deals with civil claims of up to $500,000.

Is where most family disputes are heard with regards to both children and property matters. Their website contains, among other things, many helpful information sheets. On our Family Law page we advise some of the most useful.

Aims to improve knowledge of family law and its representation in WA. The Association organises lectures and seminars on different aspects of family law.

Has information about Family Law and dispute resolution and access to a Family Lawyer in your area.

Deals with the lodging of all documents relating to the purchase and sale of land, including Transfers, Mortgages, Caveats and Easements.

Is a voluntary association of lawyers advocating justice, providing education with regards to law and facilitating access to legal services.

Is a government run organisation which provides aid for people in legal disputes either by providing legal services, information or funds to employ lawyers depending on a person’s circumstances.

Deals with simple offecnes relating to criminal matters and more serious indictable offences which begin in the Magistrates Court before being transfered to other courts. It also involves civil disputes with claims for debts or damages up to $50,000 and residential tenancy matters, among other things.

Is a community based organisation who provides relationship support in the form of counselling, education programs and primary dispute resolution.

Website contains access to all Acts passed in Western Australia.

Website provides information with regards to Stamp Duty (including a Stamp Duty calculator) and the First Home Buyers Grant.

Handles the most serious criminal offences and civil matters involving unlimited amounts of money. The Supreme Court website also contains information with regards to Probate.

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